Things You Should Know About a Memory Foam Mattress

With all the hype surrounding the type of memory foam mattress, you may start to wonder if memory foam is beneficial for you. After all, hundreds and thousands of beds are available in the industry, so you really can’t be certain of which one is ideal. Perhaps, the best way for you to do is consider what the product has to offer and the things they claim and compare all this stuff with your personal preferences.

It’s imperative to keep in mind that overall, memory foam is the one that earned the highest satisfaction rating around 80% of customer reviews. While the individual brands may vary, you may have a 4 out of 5 chance of being satisfied using a memory foam mattress.  They earned the highest satisfaction rating because of their many comfort advantages, though there are few drawbacks that you should carefully look into when shopping different types of memory foam. Here are the following things that you should consider knowing if memory foam is a good option for you:

  • If you are experiencing joint pains and back pains
  • If you’re suffering from pressure sores or pressure points
  • Toss and turn lots of times at night
  • Your pillow-top and innerspring mattresses quickly lose comfort
  • The movements of your partner can quickly wake your during sleep

Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

Many people always seek the benefits of a product when they are making buying decisions. When talking about mattresses, it is also imperative for you to know its advantages as each brand can offer the different set of features.

Memory foam had already built their solid reputation by providing the consumers a significant number of very attractive aspects. Here are the top advantages of using a memory foam mattress:

  • Pressure Relief

Memory foam can provide support in your body by evenly distributing your weight across its surface. IN many other bed types, the pressure points are developed on the heaviest body parts like the hips and shoulders to support the overall weight of the sleeper. By eliminating the pressure points, you’ll experience less pain during daytime and less toss and turn at night.

  • Support

People who are suffering from back pains and problems can appreciate the use of memory foam because it can provide the required support to relieve the tension and stress of the body while you are sleeping. The greatest advantage of using this material is its ability to keep your spine in its natural alignment by conforming the shape of your body, rather than obliging it to follow a linear way.

  • Zero Motion Transfer

Memory foam is ideal for many couples because they can sleep better with their partner by using this product. Zero motion transfer means that if one person gets or moves out of the bed, that kind of movement will not be moved or disturb the other. (The actual demonstration was done by using the wine glass test)

  • Durability

Memory foams have already proved that they are much longer lasting than the standard spring mattress. A good quality of foams can already last for 5 – 15 years, depending on its construction, and the top brands offer their products with ten years full coverage warranties.

What is the Best type of Memory Foam?

Once that you have already decided that this foam is perfectly right for you, the nest thing to that you should do is to conduct more research about its different brands and types. The various types of memory foam mattress have their unique differences. Choosing the best one must be rated according to their pressure-relief, motion transfer, and contouring. Here are the different types of memory foams.

  • Traditional Type of Memory Foam – this kind of memory foam has the slowest time of recovery, and usually, are the ones that have complaints of heat and odor.
  • Gel Type of Memory Foam – this type of memory foam has an average time of recovery, and there are recorded heat and odor complaints.
  • Plant-Based Type Memory Foam – this has the fastest time of recovery, and has fewer complaints about heat and smell, therefore, the best type of memory foam mattress.

More Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress is created by using a kind of material that is temperature sensitive. The advantage of being temperature sensitivity is that it allows the foam to conform the body heat and weight of the sleeper. In other words, as the temperature increases, the foam becomes softer and softer thus will provide a comfortable night’s sleep.

The most common benefit of using a memory foam mattress is that it relieves soreness, body aches and pains. This is made possible by displacing the pressure along with person’s body length. The pain points of our body usually have a higher temperature than the other parts of the body as part of our natural and physical pain coping system. So, by detailing itself by the different body parts temperature, the memory foam will help our body to recover quickly.

The memory foam can also help the sleeper to achieve his/her ideal posture in sleeping by assisting their spine in proper alignment when they are lying down. The right way of sleeping can solve lots of spinal problems eventually, and in the future, it can prevent back soreness.

Different health problems can be helped by using memory foam mattress plus the use of memory foam pillows. The memory foam pads also have their health benefits. One example is relieving the sleep apnea problem by giving the proper head elevation during your sleep. Good head height can provide a healthy and correct breathing pattern during sleep. With this combination, you can have a good night sleep without taking any CPAP devices.

Using memory foam mattress can also relieve you from suffering allergies since they are made from polyurethane foam which is composed of inorganic fibers. This kind of grains can prevent the allergy-causing miles from the housing in because no food are available for them to thrive inside the memory foam mattresses. So, using raw materials in mattresses contribute many health benefits. The organic fibers, such as cotton, attract the dust mites. Using a memory foam mattress is the best way to reap many health benefits from your bed and money.

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