Memory Foam Mattress: It’s More Than Just a Bed

Did you ever wonder how you will get a restful, profound and peaceful sleep? Then, the memory foam mattress is a perfect choice that you’ve got. This particular type of bed is ideal for people of all ages, types, and sexes. The truth is, these beds are now considered as a better option that the traditional spring models. These are not only comfortable for at the same time, but they also offer certain health benefits for many people.

This foam mattress can conform to a person’s body and distribute the weight more evenly that makes it more conducive for sleeping. So that you can make the most out of your money when you buy these mattresses, it is important to do some research first and take extra precaution when choosing your mattress. This is a short guide that will help you pick the best mattress that will suit your needs and your budget.

Check the Density

The memory foam products have different densities. It is being measured in pounds that mean that higher numbers equal to greater frequency. For example, a density of 4 lbs indicates that every cubic foot of the foam weighs 4 lbs, yet the safe option will range from 3-6 pounds. Go for a 5 to 6-pound density mattress and you will get a softer bed. Lower density mattresses will never last long as compared to the higher frequency ones. But, you don’t have to be surprised if the foam typically weighs more as compared to the spring version of the similar size.

Decide Between a Double or Single-Person Mattress

The next beautiful thing when it comes to foam mattresses is that when you have a partner in the bed, your movement will not affect your bed mate or vice versa. This does not bounce like the way spring mattresses do and instead, it absorbs the movement. These also come with several foam layers, each having a different density that makes the foam respond to the body shape and movement.

The foam with 2 to 3 layers is perfect but for the ones who are sleeping on their side a softer 3 to 4-pound mattress might be an excellent choice.

The less dense foam is going to conform better to the natural shape of your body as this will let your shoulders and hips to sink much deeper. Those who sleep on their back will welcome firmer foam with a 4.5 to 6-pound density. You can get exactly the firmness that you need as it allows you to be at ease while giving your body more support for every area.

Ensure If You Need a New Mattress or Just a Supplement for an Existing One

If your present mattress is still in excellent condition and firm enough, you can try the memory foam mattress topper. It comes in various densities and thicknesses. But in case your mattress is already sagging, the foam pad might not be that active.

A supporter can enhance the support you get from the foam but purchasing a new mattress might still be the perfect solution.

Perfect Match Between the Bed and the Mattress

The king size bed is ideal for someone who stands at least 6 feet that are why it will only make sense to get the correct mattress that will let both people to sleep on the bed with their hands at the back of their heads without their elbows touching at all.

You will know that you have the proper mattress for you if you are lying down then you will slide your hand below your back’s convenient form. If your hand can fit almost without effort, the foam might be too soft. If not, then, it can be firm enough for you. Also, you can add what is known as a spring divan that can make the mattress seem so much softer as compared to the regular couch or the standard average slatted base.

Talk to Your Doctor or Chiropractor

Your body may not be able to adjust that well to the memory foam mattress so it will be a complete waste of your money if you will not discuss with your doctors first whether your body situation fits. Discussing it with your doctor can also give you some idea as to what brand might be the best for you. It will also help you in knowing if your doctor is affiliated with an individual mattress company for the reasons of impartiality and bias.

Another essential issue that needs to be considered before you buy this kind of bed is the fact that it can cause some heat to your body. The latest surveys revealed that some of the owners reported that they were sleeping hot and some saying that the bed is warm, but most of the users claimed that their mattress did not cause heat issues that are significant enough in making the foam unusable.

Try It Yourself

As much as possible, it is best that you purchase your mattress after you have tried it personally. Try to observe how the mattress rebounds for you to know if it will give you the level of comfort that you need.

Don’t mind the smell that comes with the bed as this will only go away in time. You have to know that you are not the only person who is having some smell issue with the product, with the off-gassing period usually coming to an end in a matter of days.

Also, there are many other specific factors which can cause the smell, including the foam type, the person’s sensitivity to particular chemical smell as well as the ventilation in the room. Consider all these factors in case the smell fails to go away even after several days. You also need to take note of the box spring under the mattress, and if you cannot see it, it means that the mattress comes with a bed elevator added to the height.

Important Things to Look for in Your Memory Foam Mattress

As what most of the reviews indicate, the materials that are used in making these mattresses are quite advanced and innovative, relying on the chemical reactions to the heat of your body to facilitate it to conform to the shape of your body. This support and feedback will ultimately depend on how the foam was made that will come down to the key points stated below.

  • Thickness – Even the best mattresses have a thickness that varies from below 8 to over 13 inches. Although any thickness is going to offer relief to your pressure points, still, you need to consider the depth of the current mattress that you have and how this change is going to affect you. Thinner mattresses are less expensive with a tradeoff of offering less support and not working with the platform beds. More expensive beds can provide more supportive experience when sleeping.
  • Construction – The mattress’s construction is composed of the combining levels of the foam atop the traditional bed. Every foam layer used has been designed in different ways for creating levels of support and weight dispersion for higher comfort levels. The design of the cushions can remove your ability to flip the mattress for creating even usage levels, even if the foam’s design can counterbalance the need of rotating the mattress in time.
  • Support – The primary purpose of the bed is to offer support for every area of the body and relieve the pressure points. Getting rid of this tension can make sure that you will wake up less often with a need to adjust the positions, which means that you will wake up better rested. Every firmness grade is going to offer an entirely different support level for your body and can have a dramatic impact on how you sleep.
  • Warranty – On the average, a person spends about six years of his or her life sleeping, and this means that you will need a mattress that can make these countless hours seem like less than an eternity. Once the bed loses its support level and indentations of the body start to appear, you will know that nights of having to wake up now and then to alter positions will be on the horizon.

Getting a new bed is a long term investment that is always worth the expense. You deserve the best rest, and you can get it with the best memory foam mattress.
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