How Safe Memory Foam mattress is?

In the recent years, the household chemicals become a major concern, leaving the consumers thinking if the products like the memory foam mattress are safe. If you are the type of person that search for this kind of bed or similar in natures, you might be thinking if the odors or the chemicals used can create a possible danger to your health. This type of concern is one of the things that are accepted since the people are spending nearly one-third of their lives lying on their bed and mattresses.

The flame retardants down to the foaming agents, all the components used in some of the memory foam can raise eyebrows. The memory foam mattresses contain two cores; the polyurethane foam core layer and the polyurethane memory foam layer. These kinds of players are being covered by fabric, making the mattresses flameproof and meet that standard federal safety law. Some brands consist of the materials like gel-infused foam, polyester padding, or latex foam. The usual concern of the people regarding the component is the memory foam itself and its capacity of the chemicals being fire proof.

Polyurethane foam and memory foam components.

  • Diisocyanates are the reactive type of ingredients that reacts to the polyols and the blowing agents to create a flexible kind of polyurethane foam. The commonly used foundations are the TDI and the MDI that are alone for it raw forms causing a dermal and respiratory sensitization and can be carcinogenic. The MDI is considered as safer and contains a little toxic option, which is popular for being least hazardous organic isocyanate. The main problem with this kind of compounds is when manufacturing after they react it can insert however can be on gas.
  • Polyols are the bulk or the binder agent that is usually made of petroleum oil-based ingredients that may sometimes contain biological foundations such as the castor and the soybeans.
  • Blowing agents present a carbon that makes the foam. This often uses the CFCs, HFC, or other similar agents.

The type of memory foam mattresses that remains hyped danger is that off-gassing and the VOCs. These terms are referred to a similar chemical phenomenon that breaks down and can be dispersed into the air leading to allergic reactions for those people that are chemically sensitive. The memory foam and the products that have the polyurethane can possess a new odor that is usually noticeable in its initial weeks.

Based on the reviews of many consumers who bought a memory foam mattress, there is a little portion that is likely to be experienced by having some allergic reactions like eye irritation, nausea, and asthma irritation due to the odor of the mattress. The polyurethane components that is used in the memory foams are similar to the typical household furniture. The memory foam remains safe even though this kind of issues are presented. This is just one of the best ways to be more observant on the types of products that you are having for your family.

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