Cleaning Memory Foam

Memory foam is a very comfortable cushion material. However, it could be very impractical once it is washed or soiled. Compared to other regular foam materials, cleaning memory foam could never be that easy wherein you are just to throw it into the washer and then allow it to dry. Since it is uniquely made up, it might begin to store bacteria or mold before it completely dries. So better consider following proper steps on how you are to clean memory foam.

There are things you need once you are to clean memory foam such as the following:

  • Regular vacuum or hand vacuum together with soft brush attachment
  • Woolite fabric cleaner
  • Water, spray bottle and spray attachment for the hose once doing the task outdoor
  • A detachable shower head once doing the job into the tub
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Electric fan or hair dryer and tarp

Just make sure that the things needed are already available before proceeding to the cleaning process in order not to experience problems while cleaning. And the steps for cleaning memory foam would be the following:

  • The memory foam should be vacuumed thoroughly together with a regular size or hand vacuum with the use of soft brush attachment.
  • Place the mattress or it could be pillow or topper inside the bathtub or once doing the task outside it should be near water supply but put it on a clean tarp to avoid being dirty or muddy.
  • Mix a part Woolite having two parts water in the spray bottle and then shake it well.
  • Spray the entire memory foam, front, and back, with the Woolite solution. The task could be easier once two people is doing the job, one holding the mattress and the other one spraying the solution.
  • Allow the solution to stay for almost thirty minutes.
  • Rinse it with clean water with the use of the detachable head of the shower once in the tub or spray nozzle into the house once outside.
  • Squeeze the excess water gently through folding the memory foam and then pressing it down. Do not ever twist or even twist the memory foam for this might cause particular damage.
  • Replace the Woolite solution with a vinegar solution. Put one part of vinegar into four parts of water. Spray the entire foam again but now with the vinegar solution.
  • Rinse it again with water just the same with the prior steps.
  • Hair dryer being set on its lowest rating could be utilized to be a help regarding drying but be careful not to hold the dryer too close to the memory foam for it might offer particular damage. As an alternative, it could be dried through the use of an electric fan.
  • Just make sure that the memory foam is completely dry before replacing it into bed.

Cleaning memory foam could be easy if you are to be guided with the above-mentioned steps together with the things needed.

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